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#1 Clover Food Plot Planting Tip

There is a clear winner for the best way to plant a clover food plot, but to experience that method, you need to exercise a lot of patience! Planting a clover food plot may not be for you or the local deer herd but if it is, the timing of your clover planting also allows you to enjoy a great deal of diversity as well! A decades old clover food plot recipe that I developed and first discussed in the QDMA's Quality Whitetails magazine in the mid 2000s, can help you tremendously, if your desire is a beautifully lush field of clover. Are your ready to plant clover plots at the best time using the best planting practices? Then you need to watch this video. Also, if you need some clover seed make sure to check out what John Komp has to offer at John had been my personal food plot seed supplier since the planting season of 2013…


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