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#1 Deer Hunting Food Source

The best deer hunting food source may surprise you! OR, maybe not if you own land and have have witnessed the power of a high quality food plot! There is no other deer attraction that can build, mold and create a quality deer herd other than a food plot. However, you have to follow the food plot deer hunting rules to make sure that you are managing the level of attraction that a food plot can deliver. You need food plots of you want to build the best herd in the neighborhood. without food plots you can only experience a fraction of your deer herd and hunt potential. Here are the most important reasons that you need to offer food plots on your land, this Fall. If you want to use food plots so that you can experience your ultimate level of deer herd and habitat potential, you need to check out the web class, "How To Design Your Whitetail Parcel"…right now, at


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