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5 Ways to Increase the Value of Recreational Land

Often times opportunities arise or changes in situations occur when recreational land hits the market. When it’s your land that hits the market you want to make sure get top dollar. There are certain do’s and don’ts that every landowner should be aware of that directly affects the value of the property.

During this podcast, we discuss the top 5 things that can increase the value of recreational land. These strategies are common sense, but often times forgot or undervalued assets to a recreational piece of land. We discuss topics like access, water features like lakes, ponds, and managed springs, well/electricity, and outbuilding, open acres, cabins, or storage facilities. These features added to raw land can help increase the value per acre.

To learn how to get the most out of your recreational land, be sure to download the podcast and apply these rules to your land. If you have any questions regarding selling your property contact us at Enjoy.Learn.Share!


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