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6 Steps to Better Food Plots (695)

Sharing one of the best presentations we've ever heard about the principles of soil health and how to apply them by Keith Burns from Green Cover Seed. @GrowingDeerTV
#deerhunting #TeamOutdoors #foodplots We've been using Green Cover Seed food plot blends in our food plots for the last couple of years. There is more to the Green Cover Food Plot blends than attracting and feeding deer! For example deer find sunflower foliage palatable and it’s nutritious. Sunflowers have a very large fibrous root system that adds a lot of organic matter to the soil! It’s also excellent at extracting zinc from the soil and making it available to other plants (through a complex relationship with microbes).Determining the mission for the blend is extremely important. There is no magic bean or species, but rather good blends of plant species that can work together to improve the soil’s health and meet the landowner’s mission – whether that’s to attract and feed deer, cows, or humans. This is why cover crops should be used in every ag field – in rotation with corn, soybeans, rice, etc. This can significantly reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticide, fungicides, etc., while making farmers more profitable and improving the air, soil and water qualities at their farm and for the planet!


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