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7 Mock Scrape Fail Tips

Are your mock vine scrapes working or failing right now? And I ask, "right now", because a quality mock scrape should be working at any time if the year that you watch this video – 365/7! This video will not only teach you how to create a mock scrape that will last all year long, but how to avoid and fix common fails. At the end of the video, these mock scrape tips will also iclude what may be the most likely mistake of all. Are you ready to create the most high powered scrape known to mature bucks? Then you need to follow the tips and fixes within this mock scrape video. Some even refer to these scrapes as the "Sturgis Scrape", lol…but really, what ever you call them (I call them mock vine scrapes) it is important that you follow these mock scrape fail and fix tips to a T! To learn how mock scrapes can become a critical part of your entire hunting parcel design, you need to check out,


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