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8 Tips for Hunting the Pre-Rut | Myth Buster – Deer Activity is NOT Based On Moon Phase (#578)

Hunters should not discount hunting during the pre-rut! Things are ramping up for the rut with lots of deer activity: scrapes opening up, a few does are now receptive with bucks seeking those does, bucks move further distances outside their home range. Grant explains the biology behind deer activity – deer breeding cycles (debunking the moon phase activity myth with deer biology). Then watch for advice on the best tactics to hunt this cycle of the rut! A viewer gave this review after watching this video: I have always enjoyed your videos and I have watched them over the last 3-5 years consistently. I feel like I have been attending a college course on whitetail management and hunting. The videos are always great but this latest video might be one of the best that I have ever seen on the pre-rut. Excellent work. I will share this with any of my buddies that gets into whitetail hunting and needs a crash course on the pre-rut. Sincerely, Michael Living and Hunting Whitetail Deer in KY / PA / NY / CT / ME over the past 30 years. 0:00 – Intro
0:37 – Definition of Rut/Pre-Rut
1:05 – Doe Breeding Cycles
2:28 – Scrapes
3:25 – Moon Phase Myth
8:20 – How to Hunt Pre-Rut
9:28 – Traveling Bucks
9:50 – Home Range
11:37 – Travel Corridors
12:01 – Food Sources
12:15 – Water Sources
12:37 – Down Wind Side
13: 00 – Time of Day


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