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A Big Kentucky Buck At First Light Then a Doe

Grant harvests a big Kentucky buck at first light then a doe! It takes a lot of patience to coordinate the hunt between what the cameraman sees and what the hunter sees. Getting that shot opportunity and making it on video in the early morning light is an exciting challenge! The buck starts to leave the field, but a loud grunt call gets him to come back and into range! #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors To see more on this hunt, see the full story here as shared last December: Start 0:00
Buck Hunt 0:03
Buck Hunt Recap 5:45
Doe Hunt 7:42  If you haven't watched many of our hunting and land management videos, here are a few reviews from our viewers: Donnie: Best teaching channel on YouTube!! It's like a class and lab all in one.
Mike: The videography adds complexity and probably makes the hunts a bit less enjoyable for you, but we genuinely appreciate the work you folks do to help educate us. I’ve been an avid hunter for over 50 years, yet I’ve never met another avid hunter who couldn’t teach me something. Thank You all.
Drew: Awesome to follow the stories that go along with the Growing deer channel. Ive been watching so long i feel like I'm part of the growing deer family! Love it Check out more of the comments on our hunting and land management videos, then share the ones you enjoy with friends! Thanks for watching GrowingDeer!


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