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A Great Small Food Plot to Hunt This Fall! (634)

See why this small food plot will be a great spot to hunt this fall! It's a great example of how easy it is to get a thriving, healthy food plot using hand tools and The Release Process (TM). This small food plot was created with simple hand tools and will make a great plot to hunt this fall! Grant shows the new growth in the plot, when the different plants in the mix will be attractive to deer, how to minimize weeds, monitor browse pressure along with many other useful tips for the best small summer food plot! #hunting #foodplots #TeamOutdoors
About GrowingDeerTV
Our episodes show what we are doing in the field, our hunting and management activities, week to week. A new episode is released each Monday, 52 weeks a year with no repeats. We occasionally share special mid-week episodes on Thursday or Friday if we’ve had an action packed week of hunts or habitat management projects. All our episodes are available for viewing anytime at episodes will include action packed hunts, proven hunting strategies, food plot and trail camera techniques, practical advice for common problems and the gear it takes to get it all done. 0:00 start
0:20 New Food Plot
2:20 Broadcasting Seed
3:19 20 Days 5:11 Fall Planting?
6:20 Why Broadcast
6:35 Weed Control
7:20 Deer Browse 9:02 Utilization Cage
10:00 Father's Day Message

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