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Addition by Subtraction – Land Management Edition

This week we find ourselves in the great state of Iowa! the hunting heritage is strong here in the state. But to make the hunting better and to improve the land, it is important to understand the basic principle that you must subtract to add value. 

Most farms we work do not have the existing habitat in place that you can simply begin to manipulate disturbances to improve habitat. First off, in most cases, things must be removed. This could be closed-canopy timber, cool-season non-native grasses, or even invasive species. Once these are removed or subtracted, then the fun of adding species can begin! 

Land management does not always make sense when it comes to math, but when adding value to the landscape, it is often necessary to remove species before adding any! Thanks for listening, be sure to share this with a new follower this week! #ForLoveoftheLand

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