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Advanced Fall Food Plots

During this podcast, we continue the discussion on fall food plotting. Last week we covered the specific fall food blends we would be planting offered by Stratton Seed Company. To say the least, we are excited to get these blends in the ground, however, it is not a random selection of forages, but a strategic plan to optimize our success this fall with a bow.

This week we dive deeper into the strategy behind how we continually plant successful fall food plots. We review the step by step cost-saving food plot planting techniques that we use each fall. Step 1 includes terminating the crop. Step 2 broadcast the seed. Step 3 involves rolling over the vegetation on top of the seed by several different means. If this food plot planting technique sounds simple, that is because it is, but we cover this topic in-depth to make sure everyone can comfortably plant a successful food plot this fall.

Another large part of the podcast is devoted to different planting strategies that help make large plots hunt small. If you’ve listened before we are huge advocates of edge feathering, but you can accomplish similar design by planting the appropriate vegetation and allowing it to stay standing throughout the fall creating some incredible bottlenecks. We review how we are leaving the Heritage Blend standing this fall in one of our most promising plots to help steer deer within bow range. Enjoy. Learn. Share #ForLoveofheLand

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