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Amazing 20-Year Land Transformation

During this week’s For Love of the Land Podcast we discuss the highs and lows of land ownership with special guest, Latty Hock. This Delaware native is the proud owner of 297 acres situated in the last remaining stronghold of farmland in the state. Surprisingly, this area produces some quality outdoor experiences from giant whitetails down to loads of migrating waterfowl.

Latty’s story is a unique journey of discovery, development, and pursuit of greatness with a single parcel of land. In the year 1997, he took over the management of the farm. At this time, it was a biological desert, outside of the crop fields a small block of timber was the only true habitat on the property. Now, over the 20 years, this property has developed into a truly diverse landscape that offers an endless supply of forage and covers for whitetails, rabbits, turkey, and waterfowl.

The important part to take away from this podcast is his journey, he didn’t do everything right over this 20 year period. He made mistakes that cost him years of maturity and development of the land. After diving in, Latty made a decision to base all moves on science, this took research and time to develop, however, now there is no other property like this one in all of the state. Be sure to follow along with the podcast to listen to his story, we hope it encourages you to conserve and restore native landscapes! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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