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Another Big Buck Tagged on a Small Property (#590)

Living and hunting on 9 acres in Kansas has provided great hunting opportunities for Jeff Therrell. Watch to see Jeff's tactics that have brought him repeated successes on this relatively small property! His secret is determining what the limited resources are in the area, then providing those resources during hunting season. It's a great example of how we can all enjoy hunting anywhere! Jeff's not holding deer on his property but providing a limited resource during hunting season, deer in hunting season are using his property as part of their home range. He has a very productive food plot located in between larger fields with production agriculture. His food plot is the hot attraction once the surrounding crops have been harvested. He also has native grass for cover and native forbes as another browse. His high quality food and cover make a great attraction for white-tails once the surrounding crops have been harvested. Jeff was scouting for deer using his Reconyx trail cameras when he discovered a new buck using his farm. See how the hunt for this nice buck played out! #deerhunting #bowhunting #TeamOutdoors


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