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Archery Practice Techniques: Paper Tuning To Perfect Your Form (Outtake)

Looking for methods to improve your archery form and increase accuracy? See what Grant is using to perfect his shooting form. During past years, I’ve shared an archery practice technique called blind bale. This is a training technique where you stand very close to the target, just far enough back that the arrow will clear the bow before reaching the target; draw back; kind of get it pointed in the center; and then shut your eyes; and totally focus on form. I use this technique not only to improve my form, but to help reduce target panic. Paper tuning is not only useful for tuning equipment, it’s very useful for perfecting your form. The bigger issue is tuning the shooter. When the bow is tuned and the shooter is tuned to producing results like this, well, that means all the energy is right behind the broadhead. You can shoot less pounds and get greater penetration. And it’s going to be a quieter arrow down range, less of a chance that deer is going to drop before the arrow gets there. #bowhunting #TeamOutdoors These tips were orginally shared as part of this full length GrowingDeerTV episode:


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