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Archery Season Predictions with Seth Harker

On this podcast, we discuss the strategic plans set in place for a few of Seth Harker’s finest deer on the lease. This property over the years has produced some giant whitetails. The habitat has been managed well and the amount of food available is insane. However, just because you grow big deer, doesn’t mean you harvest them. During this podcast, we touch on several tips and techniques Seth has used to seal the deal on mature bucks with a bow in his hands.

Seth explains in full detail why people often miss out on harvesting mature deer. They all have their weakness, we as hunters just often don’t know enough about the deer and its habits to take advantage of those weaknesses. Even if a season goes by with tagging a specific buck, you should have gained valuable information that will mean success the following year. In addition, we talk trail cameras and how they have helped hunters kill deer, but at the same time, how they have interfered with people killing deer. Not every deer takes the same path daily. Remember trail cameras should reveal which deer is working the area, not document every step they take.

We can’t talk strategy without talking food plot plans. For Seth’s first year of planting the Heritage Blend, he is thoroughly impressed with the growth and cover it produces. The acres he planted will remain standing to help screen eyeballs into a food plot from a highway. We hope you enjoy this week’s podcast and learn to observe whitetail patterns outside of the normal trail camera photo this season. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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