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Are You a Producer or a Consumer?

Here we go! This podcast topic has been brewing for several weeks. In essence, the podcast is simply produced to get people thinking about pulling the trigger. We have spent several years discussing all the things it takes to fall into place for turkeys, quail, and deer to be produced. This is not just a simple phenomenon that we have huntable populations. When habitat in most of the country is rapidly declining, we have to recruit more producers than we currently have.

This podcast is heavy, but we need to consider the actions we take in the off-season seriously.  With rising recreational land prices, cattle and crop prices dropping, it is more difficult more than ever to become a producer. Farmers are needing to squeeze more “juice from the lemon” off their land to simply make a living these days. This means all the potential ground that can make an income becomes a void of habitat. If you take this scenario and extrapolate it across the landscape, many farms are going in the opposite direction of being suitable for game populations. This is not a doom and gloom podcast, however one that will get people thinking that the goal doesn’t need to be #limits or #taggedout to have a successful season.

If you have been pondering this or know a person who needs to hear this message, please share this podcast with them! Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand

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