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Are Your Food Plots Cool? (636)

See how we get our food plots to stay "cool" even on hot summer days. Four years ago this food plot was low quality hardwoods with very poor soil. Now we have a high quality food plot that is a great hunting location that feeds deer throughout the year. The Release Process shown in this video preserves soil moisture, suppresses weeds without herbicide, adds organic material to build more soil – all while reducing the cost to establish a food plot.
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About GrowingDeerTV
Through the years we’ve shared how we’ve taken poor-quality habitat here at The Proving Grounds and converted it to high-quality habitat with abundant wildlife populations. Our episodes show what we are doing in the field, our hunting and management activities, week to week. A new episode is released each Monday, 52 weeks a year with no repeats. We occasionally share special mid-week episodes on Thursday or Friday if we’ve had an action packed week of hunts or habitat management projects. All our episodes are available for viewing anytime at episodes will include action packed hunts, proven hunting strategies, food plot and trail camera techniques, practical advice for common problems and the gear it takes to get it all done.


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