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Before and After: Timber Stand Improvement for Better Deer & Wildlife Habitat Habitat (640)

Timber Stand Improvement is a great tool to improve wildlife habitat which leads to bigger bucks, healthier deer, and better hunting. A well thought out plan for timber stand improvement can significantly improve the quality of habitat. It can also be a great way to improve the value of previously high graded timber – just as the TSI plan did in this video showing the forest before the TSI plan was implemented,. In this video: definition of TSI, how to implement TSI in different regions and types of forests: cedar, hardwood, pine, etc., the difference between a plan that maximizes for timber value vs. wildlife, before and after timber stand improvement on a Missouri hunting property, the better hunting that can be had on a property with an open forest canopy. See the specific formulas to use two of the best timber stand improvement techniques: Hack and Squirt, Double Girdling. Release the hunting habitat potential on the property where you hunt! 0:00 Start
0:29 Closed Canopy Forest
1:26 Cedar
1:40 Pines
2:14 Hardwoods
2:49 TSI Techniques: Hack & Squirt
3:37 Double Girdling
4:32 Tree Girdling Herbicide Mix
5:16 Timber Value Vs. Wildlife 6:25 Before Timber Stand Improvement
7:41 1 Year After TSI
7:53 2 Years After TSI
8:25 4 Years After TSI
12:16 Standing Dead Trees
13:34 Cut Cedars
14:46 Hunting Benefits
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