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Best Strategies for Hunting the Pre-rut! (657)

It's a great time to be in the woods with rut activity increasing! Check out Grant's hunt then see how, why and when to switch up hunting strategies as the rut changes for better chances of tagging a buck! The Pre Rut occurs during late July in south Florida, September in the South Carolina coastal counties, late October/early November during most of the whitetail’s range, and late December in south Texas. No matter when it occurs, where you hunt the pre rut is a great time to deer hunt! There will be a few does that become receptive then more and more will become receptive. Almost all bucks sense the coming surge of does becoming receptive, probably through pheromones deposited by does at scrapes and simply throughout does daily activities.
Once you see scrapes being actively used, you know the pre-rut is rolling and bucks will likely be more active during daylight hours unless the daytime temperatures are way above normal. #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors


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