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Best Way To Plant Food Plots

What is the best way to plant effective food plots? Do you want a great deer herd? Would you like to improve the soil on your land? The great news is, you can build your food plot soils and a great deer herd all at the same time! Here is how… Need a new food plot sprayer? here is the Master Manufacturing sprayer that I love to use: *Our new FOOD PLOT SEED BLENDS and HATS are available NOW! Check out our for more details. Seed orders for our Big Boost Brassica and Fall Power Greens are shipping NOW! Your orders will be shipped in 1 to 2 days. *To make sure that you create the best food plots that fit YOUR land and and to know when to plant at the best time, check out my collection of deer hunting and habitat web classes: *Make sure that you are practicing my highly proven weather based hunt predictions when you head out to hunt! Check out HuntCast, at:


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