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Boom! Elk Dropped Like a Rock In 5 Yards! (662)

A New Mexico elk hunt where scouting for travel corridors and pinch points between food and cover pays off! See how the strategy and hunt come together when Chase White tags a bull elk that drops right where he was shot with the 6.8 Western! #Hunting. #TeamOutdoors Chase and Rylan spent a lot of time behind the Burris binos glassing trying to find where elk were traveling and create a hunting strategy. They had also made a great observation of where elk liked to travel during another hunt and applied it to their hunt. They found a subtle travel corridor between food and cover and the result was a great set of antlers for the wall and lots of tasty meat. Chase was using a 6.8 western with Winchester’s expedition big game ammo. The 6.8 western is designed with high energy, lots of knockdown power and great accuracy.


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