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Bow Hunting: The ARM, Archery Practice Tip #2

The bow arm: some people shoot with their arm bent, probably because they have the wrong draw length or they think they are getting their elbow out so the string won't hit their arm. If you think about that, it's not as solid, probably an 1/8th or 1/4 inch more or less on any given shot. That's going to mess-up the point of impact. When you are locked in, the bow is exactly the same distance from your release shot every time. The number one thing to be accurate with a bow is to be consistent and be able to repeat it exactly the same over and over – like the pro archers you'll see in competition. Pro archers are doing it the same every time. Hunters need to be able to shoot their bow from the stand exactly as they have been practicing. Watch your form: no bent arm – have a straight arm, that is locked in; do it exactly the same each time…whatever hand position, arm position or release point you use should be exactly as you've been practicing when you're in a real life hunting situation. #TeamOutdoors #BowHunting Targets: Morrell Targets,
Bow: G5/Prime,
Tip: G5 BMP,

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