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Bow Hunting: THE GRIP, Archery Practice Tip #1

Bow hunters need to practice now so they can can make the shot when an opportunity presents itself when deer hunting. First: why make sure the bow is tuned to fit you. The tips shared in these videos are designed to make a good shot while bow hunting in a high pressure situation. How you hold the bow, the grip, can make a huge influence on if the bow is tuned for you. See where and how you should grip the bow: hand position on shelf, rocking it up, why not to hold the bow over your lifeline in the hand, why you should put the bow on the pad under the thumb, as well as finger and thumb placement. With all the summer projects planned there is one activity that can’t be overlooked. It’s very important for each of us that participate in bow season to practice shooting throughout the year and not just the few weeks before season opens. #TeamOutdoors #BowHunting Targets: Morrell Targets,
Bow: G5/Prime,
Tip: G5 BMP, 0:00 – start
0:22 – Bow Tuned
0:50 – Tips
1:29 – Grip
2:19 – Lifeline
2:39 – Pad
2:52 – Fingers/Thumb
3:20 – My Bow Grip


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