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Bow Hunting: The RELEASE HAND, Archery Practice Tip #3

Anchor points for the release hand: behind the ear? No – come to draw and let the string split your nose and let the string touch the corner of the mouth with your hand out all the way. If you're going to make changes to your shooting form only change one thing at a time. It will drive you crazy if you try to change it all at once. The goal is to do the same (correct) thing every time. An easy tip to do this: use a cel phone to record yourself shooting so that you can see if you are doing the same thing. Another tip: make each shot count! Shoot one arrow at a time to make yourself focus on your form, where you're holding your pin, etc. With all the summer projects planned there is one activity that can’t be overlooked. It’s very important for each of us that participate in bow season to practice shooting throughout the year and not just the few weeks before season opens. Targets: Morrell Targets,
Bow: G5/Prime,
Tip: G5 BMP, 0:00 Start
0:05 Anchor Point
0:43 Changes
0:58 Tip: Video Yourself
1:25 One Arrow

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