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Buck Tagged! The Power of a Small Hidey Hole Plot (660)

Bow hunting in Missouri! It can be difficult to pattern deer in large blocks of hardwoods especially when there are acorns present. A small, quality hidey hole food plot can be an incredible tool to get deer within range! See Bradley’s very effective strategy hunting a hidey hole food plot in the middle of a large block of timber. Don’t overlook the power of a small hidey hole plot both as an attractive food source or a bottleneck as deer travel around the edge of the plot. An attractive food source in the middle of the timber can provide great hunting opportunities. Hunting should be very good during the next few days as a few more does become receptive and we aren’t quite to peak of the rut. Hunting travel corridors , and near quality cover where bucks may be cruising can be very effective. We’ll be sharing our hunting observations almost daily on our social media pages so follow along as we approach the rut. #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors


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