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Budget Breakdown for Owning Recreational Land

During this podcast, we discuss the necessities for when owning and managing a recreational property. This type of farm requires unique pieces of equipment that often times can be expensive, however, we walk you through what you need and what you don’t need to come in under $25,000.

The list is long, however, with our preferred management styles, it is feasible to accomplish all of the big-ticket items with budgeting $25,000. Included in our tool/farm equipment list would be a UTV, seeder, drip torch, chainsaw, sprayer, disc, back-pack blower, food plot budget, cultipacker, accessories, herbicide, trail cameras, and treestands/accessories. With this list of equipment, no reasonable task that falls within a land managers duties is out of the question.

If you find yourself looking to spend money on new equipment or are wondering if a purchase is worth it, this podcast will help you decide to buy or sell your farm equipment! Enjoy.Learn.Share!


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