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Can’t Miss Rut Sit Alert Success!

After deer hunting the weather since the early 90s, these weather sit alerts have been my go-to during the season for 15 years to let hunters know when to hit the woods. However, that's not all! I actually practice what I preach because these weather hunting alerts all season long…not only the rut…are what I stake my passion and love of hunting whitetails, as well as my reputation on. How are important are these weather deer hunting sit alerts? Just check out the video which details my two latest successful buck hunts! Check out the First Lite Gravy Boat Sale, which runs from 11/23 to 11/29: If you want to stay on top of your entire whitetail game so you don't miss out on the best huntng of the entire season, make sure to check out my lineup of whitetail strategy web classes: When you head to the woods any time of the season, make sure that you are following my weather based hunt predictions every time you head to the woods. To create your own weather alerts, check out HuntCast, at:


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