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Client Success – Transforming Recreational Property

During this week’s podcast, we sit down with a client form Southern Missouri to discuss the transformation his property is going through. In February 2018, we toured the 147 acres in South Central Missouri. This father/son duo were eager to begin working on improving the habitat after four years of slow, random, and sparse wildlife encounters. 

Right out of the gate, we knew the property would present unique access issues as the land lays long and narrow. However, after getting onsite and evaluating the landscape we quickly learned that the features present on the property were extremely versatile. The open acres were situated well with an immense amount of native grasses poking through the abandoned fescue fields. A cedar glade also occupied one hillside, where diversity was waiting to be unveiled with the proper land management practices. 

Since we developed the plan, this property has flourished. Bedding thickets are now in place offering consistent secure bedding opportunities as well as ample woody browse. The fescue has since been removed and native grasses took its place. As a result, the wildlife sightings and frequency of encounters are through the roof. All this work and opportunity without a single food plot! We hope this podcast puts the value of native habitat restoration into perspective for you. Enjoy.Learn.Share #ForLoveoftheLand 

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