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Consult Course – Habitat Improvements for Small Acreage

Turning small pieces of ground into great hunting is overlooked by many, but they’re missing out! Smaller parcels of hunting land are great options for almost anyone, and you can get down to managing the square footage of the property. By managing on a smaller scale we can focus on making every square inch a beneficial product for the wildlife and the land. Whether you own 1000 acres or 15 acres there is always something to do to improve the habitat and ultimately make your hunting better.

Join us for a new series of podcast where we discuss habitat management, conservation, and hunting strategies with landowners across the country! Are you considering a property consultation, but having a hard time justifying the cost? Maybe this format is for you! During this podcast we chat with Steve Schlenker from North Carolina. He lives and hunts on 20 acres in the fragmented landscape of central North Carolina. We’re working to turn his property from a pass through property to the best 20 acres in the neighborhood! How to turn a small track of land into a hunting paradise?

Prioritizing your management goals and projects is the fastest way to reach his goals. We discuss timber management, bedding area creation, hinge cutting, bottlenecks for deer, food plots, hunting access, and so much more.


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Posted in Food Plots, Habitat Improvement, Property Design

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