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Converting an Unmanaged Pine Stand to Quality Habitat (686)

An Alabama property has new owners that want to improve a clear cut with a dense volunteer stand of pines for better deer habitat and hunting. Grant tours the land and gives the steps to improve the habitat and hunting quality on this property. Check out this video if you want to see more details on managing timber stands, Whether you own 20 acres or 200 acres, improving habitat can be a great way to see and harvest more quality critters. Great habitat also allows landowners to enjoy their property throughout the entire year. Super dense stands of saplings are common when a mature stand of pines are harvested and the area is not somehow prepped and replanted. This is a great example of why it’s best to always have a post-harvest plan, especially if the area is a clear-cut. For the first year or two after a clear-cut there’s often quality wildlife habitat. However, once the pine or hardwood seedlings and saplings shade out the soil, it quickly becomes a biological desert. #TeamOutdoors #Forestry #DeerHunting


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