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Create Your Perfect Deer Hunting Spots With This First Step What’s the first thing you do when you decide to create a food plot for deer hunting? Get out the herbicide or fire up the tractor to start mowing? Crank the chainsaw to cut trees and limbs? Those are good ideas for quality habitat management, but if you want the best deer hunting treestands for bowhunting or gun hunting, then you definitely aren’t going to have them by doing those things. Why? Because you haven’t looked at the big picture and that’s what Steve Bartylla emphasizes in this episode of Grow ’em Big. Bartylla has been a land manager and hunter for years, working with private landowners and hunting on public and private land. He’s seen some of the best deer hunting property in the country and great management strategies, along with some of the biggest mistakes. He’s made a few of the latter and done more of the former, so he knows that creating great food plots starts with picking out the treestand location. If you think that sounds backwards, well, think again. Bartylla has a process in place to achieve the best results during deer season. Watch this episode of Grow ’em Big to find out more about how you can have that success, too. Grow ’em Big: Create Your Perfect Deer Hunting Spots With This First Step. Season 3, Episode 25


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