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Critical Habitat Observations

On this podcast, we discuss several critical observations we made while consulting across the country. Recent trips have taken us to farms in Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, Iowa, and Missouri. We have seen several trends on the past tours that we devote our time to discuss. Our goal is to educate everyone on the proper management of the natural resources on their land. 

Closed canopy forests are so common across much of North America. However, when we examine forests closely, they provide a very small amount of benefit to the overall landscape for many wildlife species. Forests produce on average 50-100 pounds of digestible forage per acre each year, yet a whitetail consumes over 2,000 pounds of food a year. When we place real values on each acre of land we are managing, we find a huge under producing element. Although this resource is a low producer, we find it dominating the landscape! If we want to manage a property to be super productive, we have to decrease the number of acres in closed-canopy forest. 

The new objective for Earth Day is to cut a tree rather than plant one! This improvement across the landscape would make a positive impact. There are more trees across the landscape now than ever before, think about it! Enjoy.Learn.Share! 

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