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December 3, 2021: Weekend Hunting Tips

Watch this video before you head out to deer hunt this weekend! Grant Woods, Ph.D Wildlife Biologist, shares tips to help deer hunters figure out where and when to hunt. In this video, Dr. Woods talks about how the warmer temperatures will affect hunting this weekend: how to hunt and where to hunt! If you're hunting this weekend, weather will play a large role in defining the best hunting strategy. Across much of the whitetails range it will be warmer than normal. At this point in the season deer have a full fur coat. It was created to retain heat during extremely cold conditions for the area where those deer live. Deer tend to limit their activity until the coolest times of the day when it’s hot relative to the normal conditions (70 in December when deer have a great fur coat probably makes them feel much hotter than when it’s 90 in July when they have a very thin summer coat). The coolest temperatures usually occur during nighttime. Hot temperatures during the late season encourage nocturnal activity. These factors make hunting deer very difficult during the late season when the temperatures are much warmer than normal for that time of year.
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