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Deer Blood Trailing Tips and Rant

The #1 deer blood trailing tip may involve just doing nothing at all, with the exception of backing out and being patient. Most deer are lost not because folks don't know how to blood trail a wounded deer, but because hunters don't practice enough patience after the shot, bump a mortally wounded deer from his bed and then lose it forever. Are you making the best decisions after the shot? This video will help you understand how and why to practice patience after the shot to give yourself a chance at successfully blood trailing your next deer harvest… After you make sure that you understand to practice enough patience after the shot, make sure that your private land is set up to give you that opportunity at a buck of a lifetime in the first place, by visiting: If you want to get the most out of your deet hunt, then male sure to check out the HuntCast whitetail weather prediction app that I personally helped to develop for your hunting success, please visit:


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