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Deer EATING Wood!? | The IMPORTANCE Of High Quality Woody Browse

Matt Dye and Adam Keith of Land and Legacy discuss their observations of deer activity shortly after Timber Stand Improvement projects. In this episode Matt and Adam use a chainsaw to cut a few specific dogwood and hickory trees to simulate a TSI project. These trees have already started to bloom for the spring so the tops are full of nutrition and energy deer go after throughout the winter. After placing a trail camera on site, we are able to observe deer activity in the form of browsing and bedding. As you can see by the trail camera video we we're able to collect, this timber management project provided deer habitat in the form of cover and food! Whitetail Properties Official Website:!?_|_the_importance_of_high_quality_woody_browse&utm_content=2022_02_08 Land and Legacy Official Website: Land and Legacy Official Podcast: ** PRODUCTS & GEAR WE TRUST ** LaCrosse Boots – Yeti Coolers – Sitka Gear – Reconyx Cameras – Whitetail Institute Seed – **CHESTNUT HILL OUTDOORS PRODUCTS ** Chestnut Hill Outdoors – Dunstan Chestnut –
Deer Magnet Persimmon (Late Drop) –
Deer Candy Persimmon (Early Drop) –
Pink Lady Apple – **OUR CAMERA GEAR SETUP** Nikon z7 Body – Nikon 24-70 F2.8 Lens – DJI Ronin RS 2– Go Pro HERO 7 – DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone –


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