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Deer Hunters: Hunt These Food Sources In The Early Season (651)

Deer season has started in several states! Grant shares the best spot to hunt wherever you chase whitetails – from ag land to timber country to managed land with food plots. This time of year – deer are typically on a food to cover pattern. Blind or stand locations between those two spots are hunting hot spots. Preferred food sources at this time of year can change quickly. Then watch as Daniel and Grant hunt during the early bow season in Kentucky where they see lots of deer and NICE velvet antlers. It was a great way to start the season! Grant has the opportunity to shoot a buck that is 40 yards out. Would you have taken the shot? See Grant explain about wounding deer, effective ranges, deer drop, and speed of sound, and where archers should aim. Stay tuned to the end to see how this property was managed to maintain a large, natural, healthy herd of deer by managing the pine stand with prescribed fire and a food/cover rotation. Get your "merch" and rep GROWINGDEER.TV® GEAR! We have 2 hats, a hoodie and 3 t-shirt styles with the®logo; 2 styles of custom metal signs – “Enjoy Creation” and “My Proving Grounds”; along with a few last copies of Dr. Woods’ 2004 book “Deer Management 101”! As you prepare for deer season, check out the videos in this playlist that show how to process your own deer meat – from the field to the freezer! Are you new to watching our videos? Check out this video that shows why we do what we do at
See outtakes and short videos and clips from our hunts here,
#TeamOutdoors. #DeerHunting. #BowHunting 0:00 – Start
0:08 – Food Sources
1:07 – Kentucky 2:28 – First Hunt
5:19 – 2nd Hunt
6:07 – Shooter Buck
8:18 – 40 Yards? 10:10 – Great Deer Habitat
10:22 – Managing Pines


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