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Deer Hunting: How Small Plots in Timber Attract Deer Within Range

Hidey holes are small plots created in the timber to attract deer within range. Hidey holes don’t feed deer year round but provide just enough food and create bottle necks for great hunting opportunities. Deer feel extremely safe in hidey hole food plots because they are always just a bound or two from cover. Prostaffer Bradley Luekenhoff created a hidey hole plot last summer and had a successful hunt just a few weeks later. Danny and Bradley do a lot of hunting in southwest Missouri, and one of the properties that they have permission to hunt is a block of timber surrounded by cattle pasture. Because of the habitats, cattle pasture and hardwood timber, there’s not a lot of quality forage for deer to consume. Bradley and Danny believed that if they cleared an area in the timber and planted a little hidey hole food plot that food source would be a deer magnet. The guys didn’t just throw a dart at the map and say, “We’re planting a hidey hole here.” They strategically designed the area for a great hunting location. Based on their past hunting observations, Bradley and Danny knew the northern portion of this property was an incredible travel corridor as deer traveled along the northern fence line and then went up into those hardwood fingers going into another chunk of timber. There’s an old logging road that runs along the northern portion of the property. And then it takes a small bend, forks, and goes down into the interior. This logging road is a path of least resistance, and deer love to travel that old logging road there on the north end of the property. This interior logging road, well, it had been opened up a little. So there was some sunlight hitting the ground, so they decided to convert it from an old logging road into a small hidey hole food plot. This not only created a great destination for deer as they traveled through the timber, but it also created a great bottleneck. Watch to see the hunt playout! #DeerHunting #TeamOutdoors
This hunt was originally presented as part of this full-length episode from At we're all about showing hunters what we are doing each week in the field as we work on our Proving Grounds and others to have better deer hunting! If The hunting strategies and techniques we show can be used if you are hunting public or private land. Our farm has wild, free-ranging deer. If we can grow big antlers on these tough Ozark Mountain bucks, you can too! Good wildlife management tactics, deer management, and food plots with regenerative ag techniques that build better soils! Watch our weekly episodes to see what we're doing, the advice that Dr. Grant Woods (Ph.D Wildlife Biologist) has to share along the way. #TeamOutdoors #DeerHunting If you haven't watched many of our hunting and land management videos, here are a few reviews from our viewers:
Donnie: Best teaching channel on YouTube!! It's like a class and lab all in one.
Mike: The videography adds complexity and probably makes the hunts a bit less enjoyable for you, but we genuinely appreciate the work you folks do to help educate us. I’ve been an avid hunter for over 50 years, yet I’ve never met another avid hunter who couldn’t teach me something. Thank You all.
Drew: Awesome to follow the stories that go along with the Growing deer channel. Ive been watching so long i feel like I'm part of the growing deer family! Love it Check out more of the comments on our hunting and land management videos, then share the ones you enjoy with friends!


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