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Deer Hunting Kansas: Old Bucks or Not? (653)

Grant hunts in Kansas where he has encounters with 2 nice bucks! He shares his strategy of hunting like a bobcat along with his process of field aging the bucks before deciding to take the shot. It’s one thing to understand the general body characteristics and how to estimate a buck’s age, but it’s another to do it in those few seconds we have when a buck steps out right before a shot potential. Remember that body characteristics are much more important to accurately estimating a buck’s age than antler size. So, the first tip when estimating a buck’s age is to ignore antlers. We use this technique all the time: cover up a buck’s antlers and just take a look at it . Look at his neck, his shoulders, his chest, his hams, his back line. If it looks like a doe, it’s almost always a two-year-old buck. I find this technique holds true from south Florida to Iowa. It’s usually easiest to accurately estimate the age – based on body shape – of yearlings and two year-old bucks. Want to learn more about how to age bucks? Watch these videos to see more examples and tips: Do you enjoy GrowingDeerTV videos? Check out our shop where you will find logo hoodies, t-shirts and hats: #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors


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