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Deer Hunting Mid November 2021: Strategies to Hunt the Rut This Week (663)

Grant shares hunting strategies based on the biology and behavior of whitetails at this stage of the rut. Does may be seeking cover and buck are on the move seeking those receptive does. First hear the recent observations and updates on what hunters are seeing throughout much of the whitetails range. It excludes the southern portion. November 15 is the peak of the whitetail rut for most states. The ruts going to take place at the same time each year in the same area. See how trail camera videos give clues to the stage of the rut, hunt strategy for different locations, hunting over scrapes, and finally a reminder on hunter safety. Thanks for watching! 0:00 – Start
0:22 – Intro
0:44 – Rut Observations
2:38 – Does
2:50 – Hunt Strategy
5:06- Scrapes
5:57 – Safety #deerhunting #TeamOutdoors


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