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Deer Hunting’s Big Lie

Deer hunting's biggest lie is so tempting that most of us have fallen victim to it. What is it? Well, let's just say…it's a STINKER! If you think you can fool a deer's nose downwind of you, then you have been duped. The ultimate form of scent control is simply learning how to hunt. you can't replace hunter skill with a bottle, gel, spray or scent contraption machine. Learning about deer hunting's biggest lie is not only a step in the right direction for great hunting opportunities, but will also allow you to begin practicing true scent control for deer. How can you make sure that you practice the best form of scent control? Check out my web classes: Hunting the weather will and using REAL scent control will lead you to success. Thinking you can fool an old bucks nose will not. Check out HuntCast, at:

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