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Deer Season 2021: Grant Tags a Buck After It Makes a Scrape and Chase Does (666)

A great morning deer hunt with lots of buck action – bucks following does, making scrapes, and more! Watch as Grant has a successful deer hunt using one of his favorite techniques during the rut: looking into quality cover. There are several great rut hunting lessons in this video along with the harvest of a unique "Unicorn" buck. Grant returned to one of his favorite hunting locations once again during the fourth morning of Missouri’s firearm season. It was a beautiful morning as the sun began to rise over the mountain and warm the mountain slopes around me. It was still early when I spotted a group of does and fawns walking down the spine of the ridge to the north….watch the video to see how this hunt came together. Then…watch this hunt from the same stand a couple of years ago, Interest in GrowingDeerTV gear? Check it out at this link, #TeamOutdoors #DeerHunting


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