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Deer Vision | How It Works And What They See | Deer Hunting Tips

Have you ever wondered what a whitetail deer can actually see? Is it similar or much different than the way we see? Wildlife biologist and QDMA Director of Conservation Kip Adams has some pretty interesting insight on what deer can see and how they use their vision to avoid predators and hunters alike. Deer have dichromatic vision, meaning they see better in 2D than 3D. Their eyes are also placed on the side of their heads, allowing them to see something even if they aren't looking in that direction at all. They also see colors differently than we do, having better vision in the blue, green and yellow areas of the color spectrum. Knowing these things about deer can give you an upper hand while pursuing them this fall! ** PRODUCTS & GEAR WE TRUST ** LaCrosse Boots – Buck Knives – Yeti Coolers – Sitka Gear – Reconyx Cameras – Whitetail Institute Seed – **OUR CAMERA GEAR SETUP** Nikon z7 Body – Nikon 24-70 F2.8 Lens – DJI Ronin S – Go Pro HERO 7 – DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone –


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