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Don’t Use Whitetail Deer As Your Habitat Meter

During this week’s podcast, we are self- quarantined in separate offices as we record but we keep bringing the heat on land management information. This spring has been a blur and we have many new and exciting projects that we have been working on across the country. We review a few quick highlights from recent consultations in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. 

In addition, we discuss why things such as age class, antler size, and quantity of deer may not be the best gauge for habitat improvements. Deer are generalist species, meaning they can persist in so many different habitats, climates, regions, and elevations. What if instead why used species richness of an area, like the number of different songbirds using the area after a timber harvest or perhaps the number of different plants growing in an area that was once a pasture. Deer are bi-products of quality habitat! If you create and increase usable space for deer, they will thrive, whereas other species may now simply have a chance to live. Don’t let deer bum you out, look around when managing the land to see what else is benefiting from your work. 

We hope you enjoyed this week’s podcast, take time to get outside among the crazy world to improve some acres! Take a chainsaw, herbicide, or a drip torch, and use it wisely! Be safe and be sure to share your habitat improvement projects with us! Enjoy.Learn.Share! 

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