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Early Season Saddle Success

During this podcast, we review a recent successful hunt during the early bow season here in Missouri. This podcast reviews from start to finish the thought process from hunting location selection to shot selection and everything in between.

This is year one for us hunting from tree saddles. Our goal is to give them the test on how useful and applicable they are to hunting private land as well. This podcast shows just how useful they can be even when you have a stand or blind already setup to hunt a food plot. Despite having pre-set hunting locations, the wind would have required a brand new set to have been hung and trimmed, but the Tethrd tree saddles was an answered prayer. In just minutes we were up the tree and set with deer and turkeys already in the field.

The hunt ended in success as Adam tagged an adult doe. This was a great reminder to stay on top of antlerless deer numbers on a property. The balanced sex ratios play an important role in the great ecosystem as well as the effectiveness of targeting trophy whitetails.

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