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Early Summer Switchgrass Spraying: Kill foxtail and crabgrass without killing your switchgrass

Switchgrass will usually have foxtail and crabgrass pop up once the soil warms up in early summer. This video shows you how to spray switchgrass for foxtail and crabgrass. You can help support the channel by using the links to the chemicals as well as the boom sprayer I refer to. Your price doesn't change. Good luck all! ATV Hitch Mount Food Plot Boom Sprayer – (Amazon)
Glyphosate Concentrate – (Amazon)
2-4d Amine Concentrate – (Amazon)
Simazine Concentrate – (Amazon)
Triclopyr Concentrate – (Amazon)
Quinclorac Concentrate – (Amazon)
Methylated Seed Oil – (Amazon)
Chemical Proof Gloves – (Amazon)
Spray Tank Cap with Attached No Touch Measuring Cup – (Amazon)


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