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Episode #10 – Eric Zielinski (NY) – 9 acres, 2 bucks in 2017, Ozone/Zeolite, Native American Hunting, Strategic Paths, Enhancing Travel Corridors, Creek Beds, Scouting with Kids, Access 1st, Influencing Deer to Stay Safe

Western NY

Eric joins us as a long time supporter and a great guy.  We cover a ton of topics including:

Native american hunting & rules.

Neighbors   Getting your son outside   Non traditional habitat plan   Selling Harleys for quads   Mowed paths for deer in detail   Creek bed access   Ozone room, zeolite   Enhancing travel corridors   Chestnuts/tree planting     Influencing deer to stay safe   Access first, food plot & enhancing second   We’ve all screwed things up   Patterning bucks   2 bucks one season   Converting the vegetarian wife    Kids shows to avoid   Getting kids involved


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