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Fall Food Plot Guide with Stratton Seed

Seed is going in the ground as we speak! How can it be time to plant fall food plots already across much of the country. So this week in the spirit of fall food plot season, we sit down with Stratton Seed Company to review the fall lineup. Guess what…we talk about diverse fall blends because they provide the most attraction and tonnage!

Keith Hammer of Stratton Seed jumps on the call and we break down the many blends offered by Stratton Seed. Many of these blends you may have heard us discuss, but with additional years of experience planting these blends, we have learned more about how incredibly beneficial each one is. The food plot world is swamped with gimics and advertising to improve antlers and huntabiltity rather than looking at food plot species individually and the benefit of them blended and achieving more collectively. Don’t underestimate the value of blends and your time and energy, make the plants work for you, the wildlife, and soil!

Food plots are no longer just areas to congregate deer, they are educational plots where we learn how diverse nature is, where we can positively impact soil health, reduce erosion, and feed various forms of wildlife. Enjoy.Learn.Share! #ForLoveoftheLand


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