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Final Preparations for Archery Season

It is crunch time for preparations for the fall of 2019. Summer is winding down and that means fall is just around the corner. It is not to late to put the touches on habitat work to make sure you have the best opportunities moving forward for this year and the ones to follow. Habitat work doesn’t end for no matter how close to hunting season we are!

In this podcast, we discuss all the last-minute tricks to complete for archery season that is just around the corner. This past week has been prep for our Missouri deer season so you will hear personal stories of bucks we will be chasing and how we will be using habitat management techniques to create bottlenecks and dynamite hunting locations. Techniques we are using include edge featuring, bedding area thickets, clover maintenance, mowing trails, improve access, and shoot your bow!!!

We hope you are all excited with anticipation for deer season as we are! Make this a great season by improving habitat across the country with us! Share with us your success on social media. If you are interested in food plot seed, visit our store!! Enjoy.Learn.Share. #ForLoveoftheLand


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