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Finally Tagged This BIG, Mature Arkansas Buck After Chasing Him All Season! (#588)

Prostaffer Heath Martin tags a big mature buck! See his strategies and Grant's observations that will hopefully help you put more venison in the freezer and antlers on the wall. This is one of the bucks that was at the top of their hit list for the family farm! In this episode: scouting changing food sources, shed antlers, doe harvest, bucks chasing does, multiple buck encounters, decoy strategies, mock scrapes, bottlenecks, MRI, habitat improvement projects, self-filming hunts, spotted does, shot placement, limited/minimal disturbance entry, and more! #deerhunting #teamoutdoors #bowhunting After 6 encounters with this buck since Oct 25th he finally gave Heath a shot. It was only about 12-15 yards steep from the treestand in the timber where they were coming to a big red oak tree every day. He ran about 250 yards and died in a food plot about 50 yards in front of a Red Neck blind. It was not the biggest scoring deer he ever killed at the farm but has been without a doubt the funnest 5.5 yr old to hunt. He's never needed 6 encounters to get a shot but this one made him earn it. Heath says that it will be kind of bittersweet now, not going to the stand and seeing him after an awesome week of cat and mouse with this mountain buck, “Lucky Buck” Droopy.


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