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Flush-Cut, Hinge-Cut, Hack-N-Squirt, When To Use Each

Timber management is not a question of if you should implement it, but when. However, there are serious misconceptions as well as misunderstandings of techniques. This podcast is devoted to fuel the need and educate the audience on how to implement proper timber management techniques on your hunting property. 

Landowners are plagued by analysis paralysis! They have often researched information too much and hear so many contradicting recommendations that they can not begin working on managing their property. We want this podcast to provide clarity to your situation. We want to clearly communicate the pros and cons of each timber management technique. Flush cutting, hinge-cutting, and hack-n-squirt are all tools in the tool-box, but we answer when they should be used and how they shouldn’t be!

If you want to learn more about how to manage the timber on your property, listen and share with a friend who struggles from the same issue. Closed canopy timber is not helping the wildlife to the degree most people think, we need active management of this incredible natural resource. 

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