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Food Plot Time Lapse: Growing Fast!

Check out how quickly this food plot grows with this time lapse video spanning a little less than 1 month! It's impressive to see how rapidly the seeds jump out of the ground and put on green leafs and height! Using the Release Process (TM) the seeds have an advantage of cool, moist soil on summer days. Following the natural system is the healthiest and, in the long run, the least expensive process. Tillage always means erosion; synthetic inputs usually end up in somebody’s water system somewhere. Soil health can be extremely complicated. But we can break it down really simply. It’s important to always keep the soil covered. Bare soil, naked soil, can be eroded. It can get too hot or too cold and it doesn’t hold soil moisture. There are benefits to having a living root in the soil as many days as possible. And that living root, again, is using the top of the plant – photosynthesis – to pump very valuable foods and other items into the soil for the soil biology. And in turn, the soil biology is making the plant healthier. At least during a portion of the year, there should be a large variety of plants having different root sizes and depths and, really important, different leaf sizes and different leaf heights. This will serve to capture all that sun before it hits the ground. That diversity of plants also has different root structures. Some of them will be very deep and strong which will break up hard pans and allow moisture to move up and down through the soil as needed. Following some simple principles in your food plot can mean you’ll have way healthier soil, healthier plants, larger deer and attract more deer in front of your stand. #TeamOutdoors #foodplots


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